OPZS 2V Batteries

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Positive plate: Tubular polar plate can prevent the active material extracting from positive plate. The structure of positive plate is shaped through die-casting with Pb-Sb multi-alloy of which the structural metallographic grains is fine and compact. Such design maintains better corrosion-resistance to extend longer lifetime of battery.
Negative plate: It is pasted, having a grid of radicalized structure that can improve the utilization of active material, the discharge capacity with large current and the charge acceptability.
Separator: With combination of porous rubber and porous PVC, the separator has a high porosity ratio and better corrosion-resistance, it can absorb more acid to effectively prevent internal short-circuit, and the diffusion of electrolyte is fast to reduce greatly the resistance of battery ensuring sufficient electrolyte when battery in discharge.
Battery case and lid: The transparent case is made of AS imported from Italy. It is resistant to corrosion, retardant to flame, strong and has a nice appearance. The internal structure and status of battery can be easily observed outside through the transparent case.
Terminal: It is the combined post with built-in copper core. It has a unique seal structure which can avoid the stress on post due to the elongation of positive plate at the later stage, so the seal of post is reliable and battery life is prolonged greatly.
Acid-proof bolt: It is of a special shape of funnel having the function of filtering acid smog and retarding flame. It can measure directly the density and temperature of electrolyte, which make if safe for usage and easy for maintenance.


● Telecommunication
● Electric power stations.
● Railway Utilities
● Solar & Wind power system
● Renewable energy systems
● Control equipment

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