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THUNDER POWER Factory Sealed Activated MF range is used in more recently registered motorcycles. VBT Pro-TECH Motorcycle Batteries are the very latest in technology providing ultimate starting power together with long life and are highly resilient to battery sulphation. These guys are delivered already sealed and charged providing more flexible options for how the battery is fitted in any position.

>>>>> General Features

1. Factory activated – filled sealed and charged at the factory.
2. Top starting, reliable starting power.
3. Spill proof design for multi angle fitment.
4. Superior vibration resistance.
5. Reduced self discharge for longer battery life.
5. Maintenance free.
6. High Capacity, Long service life.
7. High CCA and good starting performance.
8. Advanced lead calcium technology, maximize starting power.
9. Good charging acceptance and vibration resistant performance.
10. High-quality composite of Fiber Glass and PE separators Application.
11. Advanced sulfate-resistant technology.
12. Adopt advanced low antimony alloy and low maintenance design.


?Personal watercraft

?ATV and Snowmobile;
?Jet ski;
?Lawn Mower;
?Quad bikes;

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