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THUNDER POWER Dry-charged auto batteries must be filled with electrolyte or “activated” and then boosted before being placed in service and the battery’s plates are pre-charged so they become activated after the electrolyte is added; the advantage of dry-charged batteries is long, indefinite shelf life before electrolyte is added.

> Advanced Features:

1. Composite Separator

Ultra-fine glass fiber composite separator, with light weight, small resistance, high acidity absorption and strong ion migration ability in the sulfuric acid solution, improves its battery voltage and starting current to the maximum, thus keeping the battery capacity in a good state all long.

2. Comparison of Service Life between General Separator and Composite Separator

Ultra-fine glass fiber composite separator, with the fiber diameter of 2-3um, is arranged disorderly in a network structure. The strong adsorption and breakover capabilities of the battery electrolyte can effectively condensate active substances and prevent them from dropping off, thus extending the battery life.

3. Battery Life

The adoption of Sb-free Pb-Sn-Ca special alloying technology effectively guarantees the contents of lead dioxide and spongy lead in the positive and negative plates. The battery can be put into use directly after adding liquid, no need to be charged. Its super-charged performance distinguishes the product from others.

4. Excellent Performance Chart of Pb-Ca Alloy
The accumulate plate made of high-purity Pb-Ca alloy has extraordinary oxidation and corrosion resistance capabilities. The adverse effect brought about by hydrogen evolution of general Sb alloy plate is avoided; the water loss of the accumulator slowed down, and the cycle index improved.

5. Comparison of Self-discharge between General Accumulator and Pb-Sb-Ca Alloy Accumulator

The Pb-Sb-Ca alloy grid offers more excellent characteristics of oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and less water loss than the general Sb alloy grid, which can minimize the self-discharge and maintain its good starting performance even after long-term storage.


?  Applicable for automotive, tractor, startup of mining and construction vehicle, lighting and ignition.
?  Applicable for startup and ignition of all gasoline and diesel engine.
?  Applicable for power supply of the electric equipment on automotive, tractor, mining and construction vehicle.

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